Cyber Insurance

Making Insurance a critically integrated part of your cyber security

Our Cyber Insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London and CIS is now “the only company in Australia that provides cyber insurance policies to “every type of business” making cyber insurance a connected part of your cyber security environment with 100% Australian support behind it – (no foreign call centres)
“We also provide cyber insurance for specialised industries who find it difficult to get full cover cyber insurance such as saas, software developers, app providers, finance & credit, medical practioners, health, online retail. Etc. As part of our program – see category no. 2 below”

of consumers will no longer support businesses who lose credit/debit card information in a data breach


of businesses have cyber insurance, that means up to 85% are exposed to great risk

There has never been a more important time to use Insurance as a tool to mitigate you cyber risks!

IT SECURITY IS NOT ENOUGH ON ITS OWN. “The IT security industry cannot guarantee you 100% against cyber breach” The COSTS of breach by cyber attack can be onerous in both costs of repair, personal liabilities of Directors, penalties by government, loss of business revenues and profits, loss of customers and severe damage to your name and brand. As part of our Cyber insurance solution - We provide you with “Advanced AI-driven’ IT protection services AND the tools to – “project manage and monitor everything that is happening across your company’s cyber environment including unsafe use of all your internal devices including wireless devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and including computers being used by staff working from home and which reports “immediately if something unsafe is happening in your company.”

You can choose the right policy designed for your business – however small or big you are.

Cyber Insurance

There is no 100% defence against cyber-attack

It is clear there is no 100% defence against cyber-attack. As part of a holistic business cyber mitigation strategy, a bespoke cyber insurance policy will help to offset the high costs of providing incident response services and associated costs relating to a cyber breach event. Our Cyber insurance is specifically tailored and available to protect small businesses with essential coverage against cyber threats and data breaches. CyberCare provides sophisticated yet affordable coverage to minimise the impact to your business and protect its reputation. The CyberCare approach considers the following;

  • Incident response.
  • Access to security experts.
  • Investigation and recovery framework.
  • Crisis management.
  • Endpoint protection with incident repsonse.
  • 72 hour roll back protection.
  • Breach identification and containment.
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