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The "CIS Cyber Audit" is different. It is a thorough “business” cyber audit – not just an 'IT' assessment – The CIS cyber risk audit will evaluate the organisation's cyber risks across your business practices, creating a cyber risk profile of your business operations including detailed IT requirements. To be effective across all potential cyber weaknesses – a cyber audit must be based upon a recognised cyber standard (NIST) and cover any local cyber standards in the region (Aus-Essential 8, UK – Cyber Essentials etc). Ideally, the audit will be online, have automated reporting and ability to be updated, including every area of your business practices and be a valuable tool continuously.
Cyber Audit

growth in data breaches over the past few years and is growing!

Cyber Audit

of organisations put cyber security as their number one priority

The CIS Cyber Audit

An holistic business cyber audit will provide a sure foundation to build upon

Through a holistic cyber audit, every company from SME to enterprise can confidentially determine where improvements are required to strengthen cyber defences. The audit must include recommendations, steps to follow and ideally templates, example policies and procedures to support a poorly resourced sector. The CIS cyber audit has two versions – one for SME to middle market size companies and one for Enterprise.

Elements of audit include
  • Identify your IT vulnerabilities, including web and domain protection vulnerabilities.
  • Identify your cyber business practices (policies and procedures, people & training, third party exposure, legal compliance, board room cyber management structures, insurance cover analytics.).
  • Respond & recover readiness.
  • Insurance requirement specialised to your specific needs.
  • People cyber practices, weaknesses, cyber management abilities and attitudes.
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Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

An essential strategy to build a strong cyber defence

Test the integrity of your systems from a hacker's viewpoint, best that we find your weaknesses before they do! By using our services you can be assured your vulnerabilities will be identified and appropriate mitigation strategies engaged to remove them. We have industry qualified testers to identify any exploitable gaps in your security effectively. Our methodologies follow industry best practice, ensuring a high degree of consistency and confidence and are ideally suited to complement testing for compliance requirements.

Features and Benefits

Define the risk environment

What does your particular risk environment look like? How does it operate within the cyber threat context? Answers to these questions can guide your cyber risk strategy and ultimately your cyber profile, without which you're driving blind!

Gap analysis/Cyber Exposure

There will be base threats that affect all systems including;

  • Unauthorised access (malicious or accidental).
  • Loss of data.
  • Disruption of services.
  • Data leaks, misuse and/or exposure.
  • Insider threat.

Almost every regulatory compliance requirement includes a comprehensive Risk Audit. In your cyber security audit for compliance, you’ll be able to evaluate your compliance controls and understand your full range of risk exposure. An effective cyber risk audit will help you prioritise risks, map risks to the applicable risk owners and effectively allocate resources to risk activities.

Identify vulnerabilities

A CIS cyber risk audit will help you identify and locate vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications. This cyber risk audit will help you determine your security flaws and overall risk. You will be informed about the risks to your assets and help you reduce the likelihood of being breached.


This cyber audit can be implemented in three ways;

  1. Delivered online to the client for them to complete and work through the online report
  2. Delivered online to the client and receive support over the phone by a cyber risk consultant for completing and working through the online report
  3. Delivered and presented by a cyber risk consultant to the client

  4. CIS audit provides an exceptional depth of information on every subject with full recommendations on each subject to build a sustainable cyber protection program. CIS consultants can provide full cyber implementation services to you where required.

    Key challenges addressed
    • Knowledge of the current environment.
    • What mitigation activities are most important .
    • Proactive cyber defence.
    • Using multiple layers of cyber defence (defence-in-depth).
    • Create a baseline.
    • Implementing a full business management structure for cyber management.

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