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Repeated cyber breaches into organisations demonstrate the need for a relook at how data is managed, and cybersecurity improved. Cyber threats continue to grow at an alarming rate and represent one of the most serious operational and financial risks facing business (Williams, Manheke 2010). The national and economic security of all nations depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure in the face of such threats. Beyond critical infrastructure, the economic vitality of countries and organisations depends on the sustainable operation of organisations of all types, particularly business (Day, 2000). From the research, there are four main areas that need to be addressed to build a strong cyber defence for the organisation. They include the following;
Cyber Protect 360

seconds there is a hack

Cyber Protect 360

records in average data breach

Cyber Protect 360

percent of malware is from Emails

Cyber Protect 360

dollars SME's lost by ransomware

Simple to implement

Holisitic layered cyber defence

Cyber Assessment

You cannot defend against vulnerabilities you don't know about

Through a holistic cyber assessment, an organisation can confidentially determine where improvements are required to strengthen cyber defenses. The assessment includes recommendations, steps to follow and templates, example policies and procedures to support a poorly resourced sector.

Elements of assessment include
  • Identify your vulnerabilities.
  • Third party exposure.
  • Comprehensive recommendations.
  • Insurance requirements.
  • Human weaknesses.
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Endpoint Protection

The most vulnerable component needs layered protection

CyberProtect 360 Endpoint Protection offers a solution that includes endpoint systems protection, incident response and basic monitoring in a single cohesive security package. The solution to provide endpoint (PCs, Laptops etc.) protection includes at a minimum; .

  • Real-time malware protection.
  • Vulnerability scanning.
  • Web security.
  • Exploit prevention.
  • Protection from Zero day threats.
  • Monitoring & reporting.
  • Layered proactive defence.
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Cyber Education

Failing to educate staff cyber threats will leave SME’s vulnerable.

Failing to educate staff on hacking and cyber threats will leave SME’s vulnerable to simple and mostly avoidable threats. It follows that over a third of cyber claims in 2016 may have been avoided if cyber education and training was put in place for staff. CyberProtect 360 has an education platform that delivers training in 10-15-minute bite-sized modules, these modules raise the level of cyber awareness of staff and support the development of another layer of cyber defence.

  • Reducing human error.
  • Legal responsibilities.
  • Empowering staff.
  • Legal responsibilities.
  • Personal responsibility for data protection.
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Cyber and Data insurance

There is no 100% defence against cyber-attack

It is clear there is no 100% defence against cyber-attack. As part of a holistic business cyber mitigation strategy, a bespoke cyber insurance policy will help to offset the high costs of providing incident response services and associated costs relating to a cyber breach event.

  • Incident reponse.
  • Legal and regulatory support.
  • Sophisticated and affordable protection.
  • Crisis management.
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