About us

Monitored Cyber Security Services for SMEs and Provider of Cyber & Data Insurance

“CIS is a licensed Insurance provider”

CIS Secures and Insures SMEs, ahead of constant threats through ongoing research in volatile, risky environments.
We create risk services with tools and solutions to keep ahead of risk, keep costs down and efficiency up. Everything we do is designed to deliver to you - highly efficient implementation and automated 24/7 management of risk. Our monitoring allows you to keep working in a safe environment, adjusting in a challenging business environment.

Provision of Cyber Insurance Cover

CIS has integrated Cyber Insurance into Cyber Risk security management services - because there is NO such thing as 100% IT security. Every company in the world now needs their cyber threat risk insured. Very few people in the IT security industry have any knowledge or ability to provide Cyber Insurance – let alone ones that fit your security model. No one in the insurance broker industry will instruct you on your security needs.

CIS is a world leader in matching Cyber Security solutions with Cyber Insurance Solutions.

Our company – CIS ‘Secure and Insure’

A cyber security company and an Insurance Industry company - The ‘Missing Bridge' to hit back against the wave of relentless attacks on SMEs.
WE SECURE YOU AND THEN WE INSURE YOU – YOU GET ON WITH YOUR BUSINESS – We monitor your security 24/7 thereafter.

CIS Services include:

  • Cyber Security Services All in one IT Security Service (MSSP) for SMEs & Enterprise.
  • Insurance - Cyber Insurance (Designed especially for different sectors – EG:- Cyber Insurance for SAAS providers), IT and Professional Indemnity Insurance to support cyber insurance requirements, Data Insurance to cover your critical data to high values wherever it is and whoever is managing it for you.
  • Education – “certified” cyber and data management training programs. Employees cause 80% of all cyber breaches – they must be educated.
  • Cyber development services to Insurers - Cybersecurity Services to Insurers to provide solutions in cyber insurance to reduce risk.

CIS is the missing ‘bridge” that spans cyber protection services (MSSP) and Cyber and Data Insurance & Education. (ALL three are needed today to be safe).

CIS develops specialist insurance solutions in a changing and challenging world. For example: - we have overcome an impossible challenge - cyber insurance for SAAS and software companies.

CIS Partner Program

CIS provides all its tools, services and insurance to industry partners across a wide range of industry sectors. (Every company needs to be secure and insured.)


We are all about Innovation and Low cost Implementation.

We love working as a bridge between in both the insurance cyber protection industries. We provide insurers (through our insurance industry services) with new solutions for cyber insurance that lower premiums and protect you better. For Insurers and Insureds alike we provide the best solutions for both worlds. We pride ourselves on solutions that defend and protect clients from ever present cyber threat.

Protecting your most valuable assets

CIS assessment services and consulting provides expertise to work with an organisation to assess cyber risk and vulnerability across a broad range of business functions and provides advice on cyber risk prioritisation, solution options, market information and the design and implementation of the most appropriate cyber risk solutions.

We analyse your needs carefully

By spearheading our analysis of your cyber exposures through our cyber assessment, we provide world-class holistic solutions that address your individual needs from an industry/macro perspective through to your business/micro perspective. This ensures your exposures and weaknesses are carfefully addressed and continually managed into the future.

We offer our clients:

  • Multi-discipline assessment and analysis.
  • Proprietary digital asset protection and indemnification expertise and cloud data standards for insurance.
  • Leading cyber risk and analytics tools.
  • Internationally experienced team from information technology, risk consulting and insurance.
  • Supported by international insurers.
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We provide the best solutions

We are strong believers in continuous learning and innovation. The cyber criminal are well funded and innovate daily to continue their pursuits of financial gain, disruption and cyber terrorism. It is imperative to continue to innovate and build new tools and effective weapons to thwart their efforts and protect business to go about their daily operations. Our solutions are client-centric and serve both the client and the insurers interests.

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Greg Hodgkiss


Founder & Legal

A lifelong entrepreneur, Greg is a founding partner of the group.
Greg has built several companies including the IT publishing and digital trading company PDI Ltd that provided global funds management, early internet trading and publishing systems for Microsoft and other software companies worldwide over 14 years.

Hans Schols

Director of Insurance

Cyber and Data Insurance

Hans joined CIS in February 2010. He was previously the president of international operations for Hartford Steam Boiler – the largest equipment insurance company in the world and CEO of both HSB engineering insurance Ltd in the UK and BI&I in Canada.
Hans was also a director of a Lloyd’s Managing Agency. Hans is a professional engineer with an MBA, has a chartered insurance professional designation and is a chartered director with the institute of directors in the UK.

Michael Hyatt

Director of Operations

Cyber Security and Consulting

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting with expertise across a number of sectors and industries previously being a director at Deloitte Australia. Michael is at home and highly skilled in relating to company executives and boards regarding cyber risk, workshop facilitation, design thinking and innovation. Michael developed the cyber risk consulting framework for CIS and was technical lead on the development of CIS’s cyber risk assessment and analytics toolset.

Tom O'Brien


Technology and Information

Tom O’Brien conceived the first technical principles behind Data Insurance and has over 25 years’ experience bringing new technology products and services to market. As a co-founder and long-time CEO of CRS temporary housing, the leader in temporary housing services to the insurance industry, he led the company to revenues of $100M while also developing a next generation web portal, ‘myhotelsource.com’, exclusively for the insurance claim industry. In a previously life he was marketing manager for Memorex responsible for retail distribution and marketing of computer accessories for the flagship brand.