Breaking: Coronavirus impacts businesses security

CIS have identified that Coronavirus is now having a number of serious impacts on business. One of these is cyber security. The impact of security on businesses having to send their staff home to work presents a serious cyber risk as countless unsecured devices connect back to business systems.

Partnering with you in a volatile world

CIS provides data protection products and services by combining cybersecurity with data/cyber insurance for business including SME/SMBs, building a deep cyber defence strategy. Our ‘Insured’ managed cyber protection services keep you informed, protected and brings ‘legal’ peace of mind. We uniquely assess your cyber risks and weaknesses across a broad range of business functions. We provide advice on what strategies will work best for your business and provide expertise in complex areas of cybersecurity, data protection and appropriate insurance policies.


CIS works with underwriters worldwide to provide innovative insurance solutions to protect you against cyber attack.

One of the timeliest developments in data protection. Technology, cybersecurity, innovation and insurance combine to provide the most powerful solution to protect your data.

CYBER INSURANCE – CIS provides Cyber Insurance policies designed to protect your business and bring your security to all areas of your business – not just IT.

Specialised Cyber Insurance – CIS can protect specialist industries that cannot obtain cyber insurance easily – such as SAAS and Software companies.

DATA INSURANCE – CIS developed the world’s first full insurance of data for loss of data. It is being prepared for the Australian market right now.


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Some quick facts about the current cyber environment

Cyber State of Play

It's high time to take cyber security seriously. We are here to help!

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” (Ginni Rometty)
And she is right. During the next five years, cybercrime might become the greatest threat to every person, place and thing in the world. With evolving technology comes evolving hackers, and we are behind in security.

Ginni Rometty

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